Qualifier Plus IIIx -- Advanced Residential and Commercial Investment Real Estate Finance Calculator App Reviews

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Great Companion to CI Calculator

I was delighted to see this app and immediately downloaded it to use as well as my IIIFX 3430. There is a preference to use this calculator model. Works well and no relearning of functions. Highly recommended.

Great app!

These guys make the best and most flexible real estate calculator out there....I have the handheld unit and was hoping for an iPhone version


Use this all the time For car loans. Love it

mtg Qualifier

This is an awesome tool. I have this brand handheld calculator that I have been using for years and paid about $60 for it. this is well worth the $10. Take a minute to read the instructions. The email feature is the best!

so happy to see this for the iphone!

Ive been using the Qualifier Plus IIx for years. Love the calculator, hate carrying it along with all the other gear in my purse. Ive been waiting for it to be available for the iPhone. I would rate this 5 stars in a heartbeat if they had a help file that I could print out. Its hard to go back and forth between the help file and the actual calculator. I downloaded the manual for the IIIx, and it is very helpful, but there are a few differences in usability. That said, I love the email function and think this app rocks.

This app is perfect

I was devastated when someone snagged my trusty calculator, instead of purchasing a new one I decided to try out this app..and it is amazing, cant live without it.

I love it!

Been meaning to replace my handheld Qualifier Plus since it "walked away" during a meeting. This one is just the same as the handheld QualifierPlus... better. I dont have to carry additional weight.


My tired Qualifier lllfx is on its last breath. Looked on the website and found the IPhone app. The price is great, no more carrying another calculator. The email function is awesome. Absolutely a must.

Love it, i am impressed

Always iffy about electronic counterparts however, its exactly like the handheld, no extra weight, not as bulky (obviously), email your numbers. Doesnt get any better for someone always out doing stuff. I cant even remember what I paid for my handheld one, but I know it wasnt this cheap. Exactly what smartphones needed to have for the investor/financial person on the go. Accurate (unless I fatfinger a wrong key) and extremely simple and quick to use.


I run a highly successful mortgage business so cant leave home without my HP12c. I ran into this app for only 10$ REALLY! I ran my first payment for a new client and the Qualifier gave me an option to email my client the details. They loved it as well did I. Highly impressed!!!!

Great App!

One less gadget to carry =)

Loan officer must have

Just like the calculator and even better with ability to email scenario breakdown! Thank you!

Best Real Estate Calculator around

I own the handheld and desktop version of the Qualifier IIIFX and was excited to see the iPhone/iPad version. I love this calculator as it makes easy/intuitive work of many typical real estate calculations including more advanced functions such as loan qualification for several loan types, cash flow functions for commercial loans and amortization functions. I know there are other calculators out there that do many of the same things (I own an HP-10BII and 12C) but nothing Ive tried make things as simple as the IIIFX. The nice feature added to the IPhone/iPad version is the ability to email calculations and amortization schedules right to clients. Emailed customer service twice with questions and got a reply within hours so this also gets 5 stars.

Prefer this app over the handheld

Best money Ive ever spent

The qualifier

Ive been using Real Estate Master calculators for twenty years and am stoked that theres an app for it now! Like someone else said, its one less thing to carry around. Thanks Calculated Industries!

Icon looks fuzzy...

The icon looks horribly low definition on my iphone 4s retina display. Other than this, great app. Hopefully they will update this soon.

Good But Tricky

I know this is a professional calculator but i find it difficult to use.

Great App

The App is wonderful and functions good, but it needs to be upgraded to accommodate for the extra real estate on iOS 6. Me and my colleagues believes that this will serve this calculator well.

A must buy

This app is awesome and wish I knew about it sooner! Need an update for iPhone 5.

No correction back arrow

Perfect app except for the omission of the back arrow for corrections. Please include one in your next update. Thank you!

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